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One of the most classic board games of our times, Snakes and Ladders, now comes in this version for Android devices in which you can play against players all over the world and without having to carry a board or dice around.

Open it up and play, it’s as simple as that with Snakes & Ladders King.Game mode on this app is just like on the traditional game; you have to try to get to the last square before your enemy does, avoiding falling on any of the snakes who will lead you back to the start, as well as trying to go as fast as you can using the ladders.

But beyond the more well-known option, it also includes several additional gaming modes such as survival mode, computer mode, and multiplayer mode.For survival mode you'll have to face several ghosts who will appear as you go up the squares; avoiding them won’t be easy, but it will make the game way more exciting. The computer complicates the game even further, as the artificial intelligence will make the dice outcomes be a little less fair; but with some patience you should soon start winning some games.

Multiplayer battles, on the other hand, are divided in two: vs. other people around the world or vs. your friends on your own device.The faster you win the games the higher the points you'll get and the better your position on the ranking will be. By inviting your friends you can compete directly against them and get further achievements on Snakes & Ladders King.
By Álvaro Toledo
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